Bhuvan Sagar Basireddy

Bhuvan Sagar Basireddy have knowledge of Java (5 to 8), Groovy, JEE, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JPA (Hibernate, OpenJPA), EJB3+, JBPM4, Portlet API 1+2, Spring4 (+MVC,+DataJPA,+WS,+DataREST), Vaadin, jQuery, AngularJS, bootstrap.

When Bhuvan Sagar Basireddy start a job I usually start as a senior developer maintaining a project, but often grow into a role of coach / technical lead. Through that I get involved in more projects than the one I was hired for.

My interest lies in backend development implementing processes or integration to other systems, but also have an indepth knowledge in frontend development. Where AngularJS implementations are used more and more.

Bhuvan Sagar Basireddy also migrated many existing project to use Maven with Hudson to improve the build process. I have an indepth knowledge of Hibernate, Spring, Spring (Portlet/Web) MVC

Specialties: WebSphere Portal 4 t/m 8, JSR168/JSR286, WebSphere 5 t/m 8, Spring Framework 2 t/m 4, Maven, Hudson/Jenkins, Nexus, Spring 3 MVC, Spring 3 Portlet MVC, Spring WebFlow 1.5, Spring LDAP, Spring Data JPA, JPA 1+2, Hibernate 3+, jBPM 3.x/4.x, liferay 5.x, JBoss 5.x, JAX-WS 2.x, JAX-RS 2.x, DDD, Vaadin, jQuery, AngularJS, guava, Groovy, SCRUM


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